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  • PWRS Enables Greater Access to HPC Now
    We’re here to enable greater access to high performance computing (HPC). The vision driving the Access HPC Now campaign is to provide a quick and easy path to extend your HPC capabilities. The program serves up popular HPC workloads and applications that have been pre-optimized. Users are able to leverage high-performance hardware, software and our […]
  • Accelerate Engineering Design with Greater Access to HPC
    In the world of design engineering, deadlines rarely move. Even during a pandemic, there’s pressure to  maintain product release schedules. Many of our friends who use high performance computing (HPC) say that they are pressed to maintain schedules regardless of how much this crisis has limited their access to HPC.  Maintaining those product deadlines is […]
  • R Systems Leads HPC in Motorsports – Racecar Engineering Article
    On the right track While the IndyCar 2018 Universal Aerokit hit its target window for aerodynamic performance, improving it and modelling its effect on racing is proving to be a very complex task By ANDREW MOSEDALE – Racecar Engineering When IndyCar introduced the Universal Aerokit (UAK18) last year to try and encourage cost-effective, safer, more […]
  • Anatomy of an Overtake – HPC Simulations for IndyCar
    by Andrew Mosedale, Head of Aerodynamics, ARC As technology advances, the challenge for many industries is not how to gather enough data, but rather how to manage the exponential wealth of information becoming available. For IndyCar, this means reviewing the telemetry data of hundreds of cars from the past few years of racing and testing. […]