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We Run Clusters

So You Don’t Have To

R Systems NA, Inc. provides High Performance Computer Cluster resources and technical expertise to commercial and institutional research clients through the R Systems brand and the Dell HPC Cloud Services Partnership. In addition to our industry standard solutions, R Systems Engineers assist clients in selecting the components of their optimal cluster configuration.

R Systems Products

We offer a firm foundation to meet your optimal computational objectives.

R Systems Security

A client-focused team with years of industry leading technical expertise.

R Systems Facilities

We provide global services with locations around the US and in London.

Don’t be Contained

Discover how R Systems Supports Secure Portable Containers with Singularity  |  Download Now

News & Affiliations

“Not only did the hardware blow away our expectations, the service provided by R Systems was outstanding. Without their support, this project would have taken months longer to finish.”
Jian Ma, PhD., University of Illinois Faculty Institute for Genomic Biology
“In particular, I wanted to ramp up the number of the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) cases that range all the way from the full bike and rider simulations to individual components and products such as helmets…We simply did not have enough local resources to handle all the jobs we wanted to run…Having the additional expertise available from R Systems support is an absolute plus!”
Mio Suzuki, PhD., Engineer, Trek Bicycle
“The customer indicated an improvement from “72% efficiency when run in-house to a 99% efficiency level using R Systems’ resources to run the same project types.”
Motorsports Race Team, Project Engineer