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R Systems Markets

Markets We Serve

Big Data - Markets we serve

R Systems has provided Big Data clients with solution architectures from the common HDFS solutions to highly scalable systems with shared parallel file systems. We focus on your application’s specific needs to ensure a properly balanced system, reducing costs and decreasing time to solution.

Acturarial - Markets We Serve

Nested stochastic modeling driven by a principle based and computationally intensive regulatory environment is central to actuarial clients’ HPC operations. These niche softwares generally have specific architectural and workflow requirements. It is for this reason that so many of R Systems’ actuarial clients are repeat customers: our ability to build a fast, flexible platform that is compatible with your firm’s actuarial modeling software of choice.

Oil & Gas - Markets We Serve

Seismic and reservoir simulations are critical components to up stream operations in the oil and gas industry. Access to leading HPC infrastructure is the key to analyzing this data successfully and on a continual basis. R Systems offers customizable storage and data processing solutions that match industry requirements to return results quickly and accurately.

Engineering - Markets We Serve

Scenario modeling is the cornerstone of every engineer’s job, regardless of industry. R Systems has helped many engineering clients attain optimal resource management with both ISV and home-grown applications, thus reducing the client’s time to solution, and heightening the accuracy of their findings.

Motorsports - Markets We Serve

Pushing technology to the limits in racing is the norm and high performance computing makes it all possible. As an automotive engineer, the additional responsibilities of acquiring, implementing and managing HPC resources to meet the tight racing deadlines of project research and simulation can be difficult at best. At R Systems we address those demands by providing vetted solutions that meet your budgetary and racing regulatory requirements.

Finance - Markets We Serve

Financial institutions like banks, hedge funds and proprietary trading shops use R Systems’ offerings to run their risk management software. We are set up for firms to use us for their daily production, back-testing, and risk management modeling needs.

Wind Energy - Markets We Serve

WRF is the standard forecasting application for all segments of the atmospheric sciences. R Systems’ range of data processing solutions each provide consistency for all ends of meteorological forecasting and ease in updating to the latest version of WRF.


BioGen - Markets We Serve

Genetic mapping using publicly available databases typically requires large scale clusters with significant data storage. Many bio-gen applications are very demanding in all corners; CPU, Memory, Interconnect, and Shared Storage are all stressed. R Systems can take running these jobs off your hands with a v ariety of storage options and the compute capacity readily available to process high throughput screening and other similar jobs in order to rapidly return results.

Academia - Markets We Serve

Lack of large shared research resources, scheduling allocation, or difficulty transferring large data sets to public cloud providers can hinder research timelines and grant proposals. Let R Systems meet your bursting or long term requirements by utilizing our I2 connected data centers.