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R Systems Advantage

R Systems uses bare-metal machines, which are traditionally faster than virtual machines, as well as Infiniband networks to provide for the latency and bandwidth needs of engineering and other tightly coupled HPC software.

Low Costs – R Systems strives to keep overhead low so we remain compatible to the client’s internal IT HPC offering for seamless service integration.

On-Prem Dedicated Use – When data cannot leave the client’s organization, R Systems will place their HPC resources in the client’s data center, managed by R Systems or jointly managed with the client. Duration is typically one year or longer, however, shorter durations may be available depending upon project justification.

Remote Managed HPC Resources – R Systems can remotely manage clients HPC resources when internal IT support is required. Commercial and Academic Institutions can utilize our flexible service model to meet the requests and requirements of the internal IT staff.

HPC System Integration/Break Fix – R Systems can offer HPC System integration as well as break-fix support for its clients through a contractual agreement. R Systems can host client hardware for bursting capabilities that will be attached directly to the client’s storage capacity.

Advisory and Consultant – R Systems can offer advisory and consulting services to clients that need guidance or assistance in designing, implementing, deploying, managing, securing, and optimizing HPC resources. This includes data analytics and AI capabilities through its partner ecosystem.