R Systems Products

Products forged over years of experience providing both “Embarrassingly Parallel” and “Distributed” HPC solutions. R Systems’ industry specific products run both Linux and Windows Operating Systems offering a firm foundation to meet your optimal computational objectives.

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The Right Solution for your HPC Requirements

Dedicated - Solution for your HPC Requirements

A dedicated offering from R Systems provides a purpose-built cluster to your specifications, leveraging existing equipment when available to reduce costs. These clusters are completely bare-metal, separated entirely from other tenants, and allow full root access on request. The best value for long-term, high security, or niche technical requirements (HW, OS, Scheduler, etc.), This offering includes full white-glove service, with R Systems functioning as an extension of your in-house IT team.

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Utility - Solution for your HPC Requirements

R Systems maintains existing resources in a pre-configured HPC environment: shared login hosts, scheduler queues, and NFS/ Lustre storage. This environment is all about simplicity, allowing users to upload custom applications or use pre-installed ISV and open source applications to run jobs, and gain access via standard protocols such as SSH and VNC. All jobs are node-exclusive. This solution is perfect for bursting or intermittent cluster requirements. Billing is based upon the hours used and the scheduler queues, but login host access for upload/ download, job set-up and results viewing are absolutely free. This includes full white-glove service with R Systems serving as an extension of your existing IT team.

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